IT Services for Property Management Companies

Simplify your management with better technology support

The Risks You Take with Bad IT Support

As the bridge between investor and tenant, you have a responsibility to provide a secure and reliable rental experience. Both parties trust you to keep their information safe and give them the best service possible. Poor IT support for property management companies can lead to a wide range of issues:


  • Security breaches that put data at risk
  • Outdated software leading to slow speeds or technical difficulties
  • Failed backups that cause lost data
  • Lost productivity from inefficient systems

Beyond the landlord/tenant relationship, you have your own business and digital assets that need protection. With the amount of personal data you store, you're a prime target for cyber attacks affecting 30,000 websites every day.

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How Beartech Inc. Can Help

IT services for property management companies don't just help you have a better Wi-Fi connection—it also means taking advantage of technology to make your job easier and your business more profitable.

Whether it's full-service property management IT services or advanced cybersecurity, Beartech Inc. will be your technology partner and consultant. You can access the expertise and resources of award-winning IT services at a fraction of the price.

Our Property Management IT Services

Technology affects every real estate industry, from short-term rentals to commercial investments. To streamline your processes and improve your bottom line, trust Beartech Inc. to provide your IT support:

Network Support & Maintenance

What would a network outage really cost you? Your tenants can't pay rent, service requests go unanswered, and your staff can't access important data. We help make sure that everything is up and running with proactive monitoring and maintenance. IT support for management companies has never been easier than now.

Secured Data Transportation

Keep your data secure with encrypted safe transfers. We can help you move and back up information securely, so tenants and landlords have the peace of mind that their personal details are safeguarded.

Enterprise Data Management

From tenancy agreements to maintenance records, Beartech Inc. offers comprehensive data management solutions that streamline your processes and save you time. Manage, access, store, and secure your data with our enterprise services.

Cloud App Integration

Access everything you need no matter where you are. Our cloud app integration and management services allow you to connect with tenants, clients, and other stakeholders from one convenient system.

IT Consulting

Your IT support can be more than a firewall. Use our decades of experience to implement tools and strategies that will transform your business. From automation to remote management, our IT consultants can answer any questions and help you make the right decisions for your company's goals.

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Why Partner with Beartech Inc. for Your IT Support?

Property management goes beyond maintenance issues, which means you need an IT partner that can do the same.


We understand the needs of landlords, tenants, investors, and real estate agents alike—and we bring together powerful tools to help you succeed in your business. With our comprehensive services, including network audits, VoIP configuration, and more, you’ll never have to worry about IT problems again.


As a woman-owned business with over 15 years of experience, we commit to providing our partners with the very best in IT services and support. We’ll be your technology partner, consultant, and most importantly, a team member you can trust.

Schedule a consultation with Beartech Inc. so we can talk about your goals and create a plan for better IT security, support, and infrastructure management.

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The Best Part About Working with Beartech

You don't even have to leave your office chair – we do all the research and paperwork for you! We'll find out what you need, how much it costs, and process everything from start to finish.

At Beartech, we know running a business can be costly. Feel free to discuss any concerns our Knoxville IT company can help with to accommodate your needs.

So, if you're ever in need of an upgrade or some extra TLC for your systems, don't hesitate to contact us today — we're always here to help with our individualized attentive services.