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Providing You With IT Solutions That Work For You

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Bring in an Expert IT Team, Hassle-Free

Running a business is complicated enough without technical issues. As your managed service provider, we support your business development as your IT team. Managed services depend on what you’re looking for, and we make sure to adapt to your needs.

Small, medium, and enterprise businesses all over the country rely on Beartech for up-to-date IT services.

We cover every technological need your company may experience, from software setup to phone line management.

Call 865-500-2522 today for your free quote or learn more!

Open Communication is Key

We learn and adapt to your business needs by building a relationship with you and your goals. Your success and growth is our objective.

With our specified services, you can expect Beartech technicians to:

Keep Your Data Protected

Notify you of software risks

Develop Your Business Technology

Remotely manage and backup your data

Provide business reviews and status reports

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With a dedicated team helping your tech stay up-to-date and provide you with business feedback, you can focus on what you do best. As your managed service provider, Beartech specialists do our best to ensure your comfort every step of the way.

Person-First Mentality

As a business owner or manager, you have a ton on your shoulders.

Each industry has their challenges, and you work hard to conquer them each day on top of the additional technical issues. So, we know that taking care of you isn’t just about the computers.

We are here to support your business and you with quick response times, clear and straightforward reports, and five-star customer service. Beartech technicians make it a habit to make conversation and solve your IT problems at the same time. After all, if your computer needs a tune up, might as well chat while we are at it.

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Trustworthy and Committed IT Management

We know that every industry has their own special technology woes.

You may need specialized software, specific business equipment, or additional network protections other businesses may slack on.

Beartech advisors and technicians have extensive knowledge for your technical solutions. From restaurants and retail to marketing and maintenance, we continue growing our industry knowledge and the software and hardware common within them. With your technical needs met, you can grow your business and improve your efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Managed IT services are technical services you can outsource to an external provider, called a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Because this encompasses every IT service that you can outsource, there is no specific type of managed IT service. To be safe, you should ask the MSPs you consider what they cover.

Many MSPs provide:

  • Cyber Threat Monitoring
  • Security Patching and Updates
  • Monthly Detailed Logs and Reports
  • Software Licensing Management
  • Off-Site and/or On-Site Support

While we could talk about scammers and hackers and the growth of technology, we mainly focus on your ability to manage your business. Researching how to update your systems and restarting them takes up time you could be using to build up the things you know best. We cover you on that end so you can focus on what you actually built your business for.

We also provide protective measures to prevent breaks rather than fixing them as they happen. Fewer problems to report means we’re successfully helping you as we assured we would.

And, well, protecting your business from data leaks and loss helps you in the long run, too.

The same way MSPs don’t all provide the same services, they also don’t price their services by a specific standard. It can be a chore trying to interpret how much the services you want cost, partially because some do it on purpose. The right MSP for you will tell you what they do and how much they do it for without any sneaky fine print.

Speaking of which, we do that, actually. You can check out our List of Services and see if anything catches your eye. You can also call 865-500-2522 to ask about your technical needs and start the process for a free quote!

Beartech technicians know the importance of your IT and keeping your information safe. We also know you have a business to run and things get expensive.

We offer competitive services and prices you can count on to stay the same month-to-month, meaning your budget can look less hectic. Our services also protect you from expensive cyberattacks, business downtime, and software mishaps. While we can’t guarantee you will never experience an attack, we can nip it in the bud much faster than if you worked alone.
That way, you can get back to business much faster and have a greater peace of mind throughout your workday.