Where Should I Purchase my Computer for my Business?

When it comes to procuring computers for your business, it can be tempting to go to a consumer computer/tech store (we all know the geek’s) to save money and time. After all, these stores offer a wide selection of computers at competitive prices and are conveniently located in many cities. However, while purchasing computers from these stores may seem like a good idea, it’s not always the best choice for a business. Here we will discuss the reasons why it’s best not to purchase your business computers from consumer computer/tech stores.

1.           Limited selection // One of the main drawbacks of purchasing computers from a consumer market store is the limited selection. These stores typically carry only a few models of business computers, and these models may not be suitable for your specific business needs. Business computers require different specifications than consumer-grade computers, including more powerful processors, more memory, and more storage – and lets not forget about Anti-Virus! Consumer market stores often stock computers with features that cater to the general public, rather than specific business needs.

2.           Quality concerns // Another issue with purchasing business computers from a consumer market store is the quality concerns. Computers from these stores may not be built with the same high-quality components as computers designed for business use. Business computers are designed to handle the demands of daily workloads, such as running multiple programs, handling large files, and performing complex calculations. Consumer-grade computers are often not built to the same standard and may not be able to handle the workload of a business.

3.           Limited support options // When you purchase a business computer from a consumer tech store, you may not receive the same level of support as you would from a business-focused vendor. Consumer market stores may not have the expertise or resources to provide specialized support for business computers. If you experience technical issues with your business computer, you may have to wait longer for support or pay extra fees for additional support services.

4.           No customization options // Businesses often require custom-built computers to meet their specific needs. Consumer tech stores may not offer customization options for business computers, which means you may have to settle for a computer that is not optimized for your business needs. Custom-built computers offer the flexibility to choose components that meet your business requirements, including higher-end processors, more memory, and more storage.

5.           Limited warranty and return policies // Finally, when you purchase a business computer from a consumer market store, you may not have the same warranty and return policies as you would with a business-focused vendor. Consumer market stores may offer only limited warranties and return policies, which may not be suitable for a business. Business-focused vendors often offer more extensive warranties and return policies to ensure that your investment is protected.

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